Benita Matofska is a world-leading changemaker. She travels the globe working with people and companies to help them change lives and become pioneering, sustainable brands  of the future. 


As a passionate changemaker and innovator, a leader in this new sector, Benita brings over a decade of expert knowledge and global insights to help organisations become what she calls the 'changemaker brands' of the future.  Benita has worked with: corporates, entrepreneurs, investors, start ups and SMEs, innovators, municipalities, communities, policymakers, academics, think tanks and the media. 



Benita's unique changemaker programme, takes organisations through a process of transformation, to make them fit for future. Building on the current strategy and work done to date, she helps communicate existing changemaker characteristics, identifying opportunities to develop products and services that create commercial, social and environmental value. Benita uses her uniquely developed changemaker , future brand-maker  tools to help corporates, entrepreneurs, start ups, SMEs, municipalities, charities, social enterprises, think tanks and the media harness the power of sharing to change and save lives.