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#CHANGE! A new blog series that looks to the future

‘If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude’. Maya Angelou

Welcome to #CHANGE!

This frank weekly blog series asks why bold change is needed to cope with the monumental challenges our world is facing. In a digital era, of significant shift, I’ll be asking what we want to and need to transform, how we are coping with change and whether people, communities and businesses can fundamentally remodel for our future?

I want to learn what motivates us to alter our behaviour and our habits, how we can spark the positive, conscious revolution that’s needed and understand what it takes to be a change-maker.

Through interviews, challenges and street research, I’m on a mission to discover the meaning of #CHANGE! and over the next year, I’ll be sharing these fascinating stories and insights with you.

January 2019 will see the launch of my #CHANGE! series on YouTube, where I’ll interview change-makers, social entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life who are creating, embracing and making change happen. But this will be much more than just a superficial celebration of what’s good in the world; in an effort to discover how we can meaningfully build a better, fairer, Sharing society that can sustain us all, I’ll be challenging citizens to trade the habits that are hurting people and planet and discover who is brave enough to challenge the status quo.

June 2019 will see the publication of my ground-breaking visual story book Generation Share, a journey to meet the change-makers behind the Sharing Economy and special collaboration with photographer Sophie Sheinwald. In the run up to this exciting launch during Global Sharing Week 2019, I’ll share a peak into the lives of a few of the extraordinary folk on the frontline of change.

So join me if you dare, on an audacious expedition to discover the true meaning of transformation and in doing so find the courage to #CHANGE!

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