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What Makes a Change-Maker?

“Our big vision is to connect everyone, so that we are all well fed. If we could displace 5-10% of new purchases at supermarkets, the downstream impact would be phenomenal for the environment. 25% of the world’s water supply is used for food that is never eaten. If we free these resources to do something productive for humanity, we could end world hunger.”

Saasha Celestial-One, Co-Founder Olio.

Saasha is one of 200 change-makers I interviewed for my forthcoming book, Generation Share. Three years in the making, Generation Share is a coffee table book co-created with visual storyteller Sophie Sheinwald that brings the powerful stories of the change-makers behind the Sharing Economy to world attention for the first time.

So what makes a change-maker? Are there characteristics that set these trailblazers apart? What do these 200 extraordinary people that come from diverse backgrounds, genders, religions, communities, geographies, urban, rural areas and classes have in common? Can you define the anatomy of a change-maker?

Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll be revealing the 6 key traits I have identified that change-makers worldwide have in common. I’ll be taking you into the amazing world of Generation Share, to understand what drives these pioneers and propels them to do their extraordinary work – often against the odds.

Each Monday morning for the next 6 weeks, you can discover what it takes to be a change-maker and help transform the world.

“I can go into a room of men and be the only black woman and I have to keep showing up, because unless I do, one day that door is going to be locked. Even if you are the person for the diversity poster, if you are in a room and everybody looks the same and they’re making decisions about the world it’s a problem. So keeping on showing up, have a voice.”

Nanjira Sambuli, Worldwide Web Foundation, Generation Share.

In the meantime, Generation Share is now available for pre-order, you can snap up your copy here. Generation Share will be published by Policy Press in June 2019 for Global Sharing Week.

If you are interested in change-making and want to take part in my #CHANGE! project email me or join the conversation on Twitter #CHANGE! @benitamatofska

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