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Want to Change the World? Then Change the Narrative

If last week’s UK election has taught us anything, it’s that having a clear story with a simple, repeatable message, wins votes and shifts opinions. Whether the story is true or right or in the best interests of people and planet – well that’s a different story altogether.

Boris Johnson’s chief special advisor Dominic Cummings knows only too well how to tell and sell a story – from Michael Gove’s battering of the education system, to the Vote Leave campaign and last Thursday’s General Election. Yes, sad to say, campaign slogans and strategically chosen narratives (even if lies) win out, over practice and policies (even if they’re the truth).

So it’s clear to me that to change the world, we need to change the narrative and develop the strategy and the slogans to sell justice for climate and all of us who share this planet.

This year, my book, Generation Share set out to tell a compelling story, to sell and share a message of positivity, fairness, hope, justice, social action, sustainability and sharing. By showcasing the stories of 200 change-makers who are building a more caring, sharing society and planet-centric economy, Generation Share evidences how sharing a different narrative can save and transform lives.

The world is in an environmental crisis, yet climate action if taken seriously and swiftly could make a difference; every 3 seconds someone dies from hunger, yet we have enough surplus food to feed 10 billion people worldwide. We have the solutions to end poverty, world hunger and possibly climate change, but first we need to find the right slogans to sell a message for humanity.

We need a responsible campaign strategist to tell and sell the narrative that can save the planet.

If you are passionate about world change, why not give sustainably this Christmas-Chanukah-Holiday? Generation Share is a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ each copy sold helps educate a slum-based girl in Mumbai, is made from 100% waste materials and plants a tree. You can Purchase your life-changing gift here from Policy Press, from all good bookshops or online.

If you are a company who needs help to become a change-maker brand or an inspiring keynote for your event, email me or join the conversation on Twitter #CHANGE! @benitamatofska

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