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A Poem for Businesses on Earth Day

Poetry for a Pandemic

A Poem for Businesses on Earth Day

As the people gasp for air

And the planet starts to breathe

As we stay inside our homes

A new economy we weave.

As we value our key workers

And priorities shift

Our lowered carbon footprint

Helps the smog to lift.

As we see the world more clearly

And adjust to a new pace

Now business as usual no longer has a place.

As those willing to face the future

Embrace a change for good

Let’s create for people and planet

The pandemic’s lessons understood.

Let us rebuild our society

Act together to survive

Put community and planet first

And our economy will thrive.

Benita Matofska is an international speaker, change-maker and author of Generation Share, the world’s first collection of successful, new, impactful business models and initiatives from around the world that are transforming lives and the planet. Each copy sold helps educate a slum-based girl in Mumbai, is made from 100% waste materials and plants a tree. Cited as the top isolation read for a positive future by Forbes, you can purchase your life-changing copy here.

If you are a company interested in becoming a change-maker brand or need an inspiring keynote for your online event, email me or join the conversation on Twitter @benitamatofska

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