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Build Back Better: Why we all Need to Become Changemakers

“A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly”. Desmond Tutu [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


The world has been upended. The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted people, communities and businesses in ways we could have never previously imagined, exposing fault lines in our economy and the very foundations of our society. We now have an opportunity to ‘choose well’, to reimagine how we live, work and play, to address our weaknesses, to tackle inequality, to embed sustainability and build back better.

In my new weekly blog series, Build Back Better: Why We all Need to Become Changemakers, I’ll be delving deep into the world of changemaking, to uncover how we as businesses, communities and individuals can rebuild a society, that rather than plaster over our fissures, seeks from the outset to create for people and planet.

Each week, I’ll be covering topics such as why addressing climate change can not only save our economy but can protect our health, what diversity can do to create success for business and community and how by pivoting your enterprise and indeed your life due to Covid-19, can bring transformation that benefits many.

I’ll bring interviews and insights from world-leading changemakers, plus research, networks and content worth sharing to help you on your journey to Build Back Better and become a Changemaker yourself.

Yes, we live in extraordinary times and extraordinary times need extraordinary solutions. Join me on a journey to discover how each of us can become a Changemaker, build a Changemaker business, or be part of a Changemaker community.

We need to Build Back Better, because what we do next is an opportunity to change everything for the future.

For more inspiration and transformational stories of changemakers worldwide, check out my book Generation Share, recently voted Top Isolation Read for a Positive Future by Forbes.

If you are a company who needs help to become a changemaker business or you are looking for an inspiring keynote for your event, email me or join the conversation on Twitter #changemakers @benitamatofska

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