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Benita Matofska is a world-leading keynote speakerchangemaker  and climate change consultant  to some of the world’s most forward-thinking businesses. She helps organisations navigate the economic, social and environmental changes and challenges of our time and become  sustainable changemaker companies, fit for the future. Known as a sustainability innovator, conscious  leadership and future business consultant, Benita is a leading voice in the circular and sharing economies. She leads sustainability for business consultancy, Futuretivity, a company that specialises in business transformation. With a focus on behaviour change, Benita specialises in ensuring businesses and individuals can embrace adaptability by leading with a changemaker mindset. Benita is also the author of Generation Share, a ground-breaking book, containing the world's first collection of  inspiring stories of the disruptors transforming society, the economy and protecting the planet. She founded  The People Who Share  a global network and community of changemakers, creating positive economic, social and environmental impact through systemic change.


Benita delivers her unique insights to people and companies, helping them to become changemakers themselves and ensuring their future survival. In a world with challenges such as climate change, cost of living crisis and pandemics, companies can no longer focus on profit alone and Benita helps business stay relevant by delivering bold climate change and decarbonisation strategies. Based on a decade of research, Benita uses social innovation techniques and global intelligence to inspire transformation for businesses, people and planet. You can book Benita as a keynote speaker or consultant here. 


Benita Matofska is a world-leading inspirational keynote speaker, changemaker  and climate change consultant renowned for her ability to captivate audiences worldwide with her knowledge, dynamism and passion for changemaking, sustainability, diversity and the sharing and circular economies. An award-winning social entrepreneur, she is the founder of Futuretivity, a consultancy delivering sustainability to future-proof companies. She founded  The People Who Share and Global Sharing Week, reaching over 100 million people worldwide.


Driven by a passion to create global change and transform business into a force for good, Benita delivers her unique insights to people and companies seeking to future-proof their businesses and organisations, changing lives in the process.  


Benita is a seasoned public and keynote speaker and has inspired audiences worldwide including clients such as : European Parliament, IKEA, AMEX, VF Corp, M&S, Virgin, Publicis, UBS, Mandiri Bank, Rabobank, CoreNet Global, IPM, TEDx, LSE, RSA, RCA, FT, UNESCO, Nesta, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and Number 10 Downing Street.


Benita’s incredible 30-year career has also seen her receive multiple awards including: Ogunte Best Social Business Leader UK and World, Venus Inspirational Woman of the Year and the Cabinet Office/Nesta Innovation in Giving Award. She is also an RSA fellow, a social commentator, blogger and is featured regularly in the international media.  Book Benita to enthral and engage your audiences here

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Inspiring, powerful, innovative. Benita captivated our global audience with her fascinating insights and future vision.


Global  Conference

Insightful, leading consultant. Brings  high-level strategic thinking and practical frontline knowledge on climate change and decarbonisation for business.



Excellent speaker. Knowledgeable, distinctive, future-thinking

Mayors and business leaders were challenged and inspired.



Bold, forthright, unforgettable. Benita  captivated the 1,400-strong global audience.


Global Summit

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