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United Kingdom | benita@benitamatofska.com


Benita is a freelance writer and commentator on change-making, sustainability, social innovation, SharingEconomy, future business trends,  responsible leadership, the future of work and social entrepreneurship. She provides a dynamic, fresh and future-facing perspective -- a leading global voice.

From interviews for leading publications and TV channels worldwide, to podcasts and blogs, Benita is able to provide the latest insights into these all-important topics of our time.  Benita's seminal blog What is the Sharing Economy? defined the sector and is still the most googled piece of content on the Sharing Economy today. Her book Generation Share is the world’s first collection of successful, new, impactful business models and initiatives from around the world that are transforming lives and the planet.

Benita has provided commentary and thought leadership for the following publications and channels: BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Radio 1, BBC World Service, BBC Worldwide TV, CNN, Virgin.com, Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Newsweek, ABC, El Mundo and The Economist. 

Benita provides commentary and insights on the following topics:


Change-making and Change-makers: what makes a change-maker, how business is changing, future trends

The Sharing Economy : market overview, future trends, insights, social impact

The Future of Ownership and culture change

Sustainability and resource sharing

The Future of Work: The new labour market, workers rights, Uber rulings / worker tribunals

Innovation: New companies, future verticals, ShareTech, trust, security and verification

Social Impact, Social Enterprise and technology for good

Responsible / Social Leadership

Future Skills: What skills are needed for business in the future

Future Business Trends

To book an interview, podcast or commentary with Benita, contact benita@benitamatofska.com