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Benita is a freelance writer and commentator on changemaking, sustainability, climate change, social innovation, circular and sharing economy, future business trends,  responsible leadership, the future of work and social entrepreneurship. She provides a dynamic, fresh and future-facing perspective -- a leading global voice.

From interviews for leading publications and TV channels worldwide, to podcasts, blogs and news services, Benita is able to provide the latest insights into these all-important topics of our time.  From the latest on climate change and how this crisis is affecting communities, businesses and society at large, to Benita's seminal blog What is the Sharing Economy? which defined the sector. Her book Generation Share was voted ‘top read for a positive future’ by Forbes and is the world’s first collection of changemaker stories and impactful business models and initiatives from around the world that are transforming lives and the planet.

Benita has provided commentary and thought leadership for the following publications and channels: Channel 4 News, BBC Worldwide TV, BBC News, CNN, ABC, CBC, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, BBC Radio 1, BBC World Service, Huffington Post, the Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Newsweek, Sydney Morning Herald,, El Mundo and The Economist. 

Benita provides commentary and insights on the following topics:


Climate Change: What it means for businesses, communities and individuals

Sustainable Lifestyles and Behaviour

Circular and Sharing Economy

Social Innovation, disruption and new business models

Changemaking and Changemakers

Case studies of inspiring innovators from around the world

Social Enterprise and Social Impact

Social Capital

Behaviour Change

Future Leadership

Future Business & Society Trends


To book an interview, podcast or commentary with Benita, contact 

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