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Benita Matofska is a world-leading changemaker. She works with companies and organisations across the globe to help them face the uncertainties of our time. From climate change and decarbonisation strategies, to delivering social capital and addressing diversity and inclusion, her knowledge, global intelligence and future trends’ insights help build the leading, sustainable brands of the future. 


As a passionate changemaker and innovator, a leader in this new sector, Benita brings over a decade of expert knowledge and global insights to help organisations become what she calls the 'changemaker companies' of the future.  Benita has worked with: ​multi-national corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, SMEs, innovators, charities, municipalities, communities, policymakers, academics, think tanks and the media. 



Benita's unique changemaker programme, takes organisations through a process of transformation, to make them fit for future. From developing climate change and decarbonisation strategies from scratch, to building on the current strategy and work done to date, she helps deliver the changemaker tools needed to survive. By working with company capabilities and know-how, she helps to identify the opportunities, products and services that create commercial, social and environmental value. Benita uses her uniquely developed ‘changemaker future brand-maker’ and sustainable leadership tools to help corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, municipalities, charities, social enterprises, think tanks and the media harness the power of changemaking to survive the future.


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