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World temperatures are rising due to human activity, caused by our use of oil, gas and coal for our homes, transport and in manufacturing. Climate change now threatens every aspect of human life – how we live, play and do business. The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has risen by 50% in the last 200 years and as a result, the world is now 1.2C warmer. Scientists warn that global warming must be kept below 1.5C by 2100. If we do nothing, people and the planet will experience irreversible climate change with extreme droughts, unliveable sea levels and mass extinction of species.


So what does this mean for our daily lives, our communities, our businesses, future generations?


Benita Matofska is  a leading consultant, keynote speaker and writer on the circular economy and climate change for business. She works with businesses and organisations to develop climate change and decarbonisation strategies and identify practical solutions aligned with their capabilities and goals.









Business is changing, 65% of the world’s economy is now committed to carbon neutrality, this will impact everything. The Global Goals for sustainable development open up over $12 trillion of market opportunities by 2030, creating 380m+ jobs. By establishing a reputation for sustainability, companies are more likely to attract and retain employees, customers and investors, and safeguard their licence to trade. That’s why businesses who put sustainability at the heart of their operations are more likely to deliver economic, social and environmental returns, ensuring they thrive and survive the future.


Sustainability has been identified as the growth opportunity of the century overtaking traditional investment, with 77% of investors intending to stop investing in non ESG products in 2022. Smart companies who align their business strategy, resource use, and workforce organisation with the Global Goals will have a 5-15 year lead on the sustainable playing field. Forward-looking companies use climate innovation to grow new markets, scale technology and retain their advantage. 90%+ of CEOs state sustainability as key to their company’s future success.


The latest research shows that attitudes towards the environment has changed as people are increasingly being impacted by climate change and extreme weather e.g. flooding and fires. Increasingly, businesses are having to balance decarbonisation and consumption, by exploring new business models, the circular economy and circular methods of production. In the US, eco-friendly marketed products generated $114bn (up 29% over 5 years) and grew faster in 90% of CPG categories. Globally, products marketed as sustainable grow 5-6 times faster than market averages and low-carbon products will comprise over 50% of the world's biggest products and services within a decade. Legislation is coming, with companies being required to adhere to protocols around decarbonisation, waste, packaging, transportation, workers conditions, diversity and inclusion.


Leading businesses understand the importance of climate change and its impact on the world at large and their business in particular, but few experts know how to deliver practical on the ground solutions.

Benita is an expert in the ‘how’ of climate change for business. She works with some of the world’s leading companies, to help them deliver innovative environmental strategies, new, circular and sustainable business models and to better understand how a positive contribution to the planet and to society at large is fast becoming a business survival imperative.




Benita Matofska works with business transformation expert Clare Kandola. Together, they run Futuretivity, a climate change for business consultancy that specialises in delivering sustainability.  Benita and Clare have worked with some of the world's leading companies and organisations on sustainability strategy, decarbonisation delivery and impact.


With particular expertise in circular economy and social capital capabilities they help transform businesses into responsible, sustainable, trusted companies of the future. Their clients include: Google, Amazon, Visa, IBM, IKEA, VF Corp, BBC, Discovery Channel,  M&S, Virgin, Visa, Alibaba, World Fairtrade Association, UBS  and UNESCO.

To find out how to decarbonise your business, conduct a sustainability feasibility study and develop a robust climate change strategy for your company, contact  Benita and Clare at Futuretivity here. Together, they'll help transform your business into a thriving company fit for the future.


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