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Changemaker and social innovator Benita has been interviewed for podcasts around the world.
Here is a selection of her appearances:

Benevolent Business


Benita Matofska talks to Hayden Bloomfield of the Benevolent Business Podcast about building conscious businesses of the future  that positively impact society, the planet  and the economy. 

The Business Bunker


Benita Matofska talks to  Paul Andrews and Jules Serkin of the Business Bunker Radio Show about life beyond Covid,  building back better and how to build a changemaker company of the future.  

Mostly Nothing Podcast 


Benita Matofska talks to Julieta Ose and Diogo Salgado  of the Mostly Nothing Podcast about  her book Generation Share, changemaking and the power of the Sharing Economy to save and transform lives.

Good Conversations Podcast 

Benita Matofska talks to  Alessia Cesana of the Good Conversations Podcast about her book Generation Share, voted Forbes top isolation read for a positive future. 


Benita Matofska talks to Erinch Sahan of the World Fair Trade Organisation about trading fairly and sustainably in the social economy. 

Humans on a Mission

Benita Matofska talks to Natalia Komis  about Covid, social change and building a new, sustainable  social economy. 

Transforming our Futures

Benita Matofska talks to Francis Sealey of GlobalNet21 about  the power of the Sharing Economy to save and transform lives.

Partly Political Broadcast

Benita Matofska talks to Tiernan Douieb about Generation Share and the politics of sharing. 

Jazz FM

Benita Matofska talks to Jazz FM's Nick Howard on the Business Breakfast Show about the business of sharing and saving lives through the Sharing Economy. 

Practical Magic

Benita Matofska talks to Kate Taylor of the Practical Magic Podcast about changemaking, health of the nation and how sharing resources can transform the future. 

On the Go

Benita Matofska talks to Vanesa Pizzuto about health, wellbeing and the impact of sharing resources. 

Promote the Hell out of it

Benita Matofska talks to Misael Trujilo about social enterprise, the Sharing Economy and the Generation Share changemakers transforming the world .

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