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"Unforgettable keynote speaker. Benita always captivates the crowd."


Award-winning, internationally renowned keynote speaker, changemaker, climate change consultant and social innovation expert, Benita Matofska is uniquely placed to inspire, engage and amaze audiences worldwide. 

Benita is known for her dynamism, insights and her ability to inspire diverse audiences with new perspectives and practical actions that positively impact businesses, organisations and individuals. With over two decades of experience, Benita is a leading authority and unforgettable keynote speaker who delivers keynotes on the following topics:

Get Future Fit: Climate Change for Business

The Circular Economy: For Your Business

How to Decarbonise Your Business

Climate Change: How it Affects Your Business

Generation Share: Become a Changemaker Company

Changemaking the Future: Anatomy of a Changemaker

Rebel Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and the Power of Purpose​

The Sharing Economy: How to Develop Your Collaborative Advantage

Business Model Innovation and Future Trends

​Future Leadership: How to Develop the Leaders who will Future-Proof Your Company

Behaviour Change: Social Impact, How to Change the World

Community and the Power of the Crowd


​Benita is a seasoned keynote speaker who has delivered powerful talks for audiences around the globe including: Google, IKEA, AMEX, VF Corp, M&S, Virgin, VISA, UBS, BBC, Natwest, Mandiri Bank, Rabobank, Sustainable Brands, Women’s Global Forum, RSA, FT, LSE, Eurocities, TEDx, UNESCO, European Parliament, the House of Commons, the House of Lords and Number 10 Downing Street.


Benita’s keynote speaking includes engaging audiences in both digital and physical settings, with a particular aptitude for getting inside the heads and hearts of different crowds whatever the medium. Benita uses clever inclusive techniques to involve audiences in her keynotes, making for a lively, unique, unforgettable experience.


You can find out what Benita’s clients say about her here.


To book Benita to speak at your digital or physical event, you can contact her via her agent Michael Levey at Speaking Office on +44 (0)7970 170848

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