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Social innovation and change-making are essential ingredients for any business looking to survive in a world where issues such as climate change cannot be ignored. Benita is a world-leading expert in change-making. Her masterclasses,  strategy sessions and change-maker programmes enable companies to survive and adapt to the challenges of our time by becoming change-maker brands.

Now, people can trade peer-to-peer, want to know where their products came from and how they impact the world. Businesses can no longer focus solely on the creation of commercial value, they also need to create social and environmental value. Benita works with businesses and organisations to deliver this and secure their sustainable future. 


Benita helps organisations understand the breadth of  change needed. Using global intelligence, industry insights and frontline experience of change-making, Benita works with organisations to help them understand how they can secure their place in the future by creating value to the economy, people and planet.  


Benita is a globally renowned change-maker and Sharing Economy expert who works with companies to help them participate and succeed. With unique market intelligence and industry relationships, Benita is well-placed to ensure that companies stay ahead and learn the importance of 'collaborative advantage' and how to become 'change-maker' brands. 

Benita knows that businesses and organisations in all sectors and geographies can benefit from becoming change-maker brands. Her tailor made solutions offer support and consultancy in the following areas:

Anatomy of a Change-maker

Trends and Market Overview

Change-maker framework


Social Innovation and Social Impact

Sector Case Studies

Market Entry Recommendations

Change-maker and Sharing Economy Strategy

Innovation Solutions

Social Enterprise

Future Leadership

Future of Work

Industry Introductions and Partnerships

To learn how your company can benefit from change-making, sustainability and the Sharing Economy contact: benita@benitamatofska.com