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Become a Change-Maker Brand: Part 5

"Companies will never love a company until the employees love it first." Simon Sinek. “The role of business as we know it will change as people focus on doing what they love, being valued for their talents and living to create and thrive rather than ‘work’ as we currently define it.” Clare Kandola, Sharing Economy business expert. “The Trust Café shows money is not the only value, there are other things more important in life, that we should be grateful for. This is a place of love, where you get more than a meal. People come here and appreciate what goes into creating a café, from the volunteers in the kitchen, to the person who smiles at you when you walk in the door.” Dejan Tomasevie, Tru

Become a Change-Maker Brand: Part 4

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen Hawking. “Adaptability is the simple secret of survival.” Jessica Hagedorn “True innovation does not exist without sharing. If you do not open up and share, it is not innovative because innovation is something that changes, it is a living thing.” Georgia Haddad Nicolau is the Director of the Procomum Institute in Sao Paolo and a leader in the citizen innovation movement. She is one of 200 change-makers worldwide that I have interviewed for my forthcoming book, Generation Share. Published by Policy Press for Global Sharing Week 2019 (June 16th-22nd). Co-created with Sophie Sheinwald through the stories of change-makers worldwide, Gener

Become a Change-Maker Brand: Part 3

“The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity.” Dr Robert Anthony “Our big vision is to connect everyone, so that we are all well fed. If we could displace 5-10% of new purchases at supermarkets, the downstream impact would be phenomenal for the environment. The big vision is to build an established secondary market for food. Currently, our consumption takes place in the primary market, in supermarkets. If there is a viable secondary market that eliminates food waste and starts to displace the purchasing of food from the primary market then the demand for food shrinks, less goes to landfill, and it frees up a lot of resources that go into making the food.” Saasha Celestial-One, fo

Become a Change-Maker Brand: Part 2

“I was at a meeting in Germany on Friday and the senior director of BMW was there and they were talking about it no longer being a car company but a mobility company, they would never have said that 10 years ago, so technology has changed everything. If BMW can’t respond to car sharing and autonomous driving, the car might become completely redundant and they wouldn’t be in business. So there are huge commercial pressures on manufacturers to look at what they’re doing, just selling more and more things to people, is no longer going to be the answer for society.” Michael Norton, Director of the Centre for Innovation and Voluntary Action Michael Norton is one of 200 change-makers worldwide tha

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