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A Poem for Businesses on Earth Day

Poetry for a Pandemic A Poem for Businesses on Earth Day As the people gasp for air And the planet starts to breathe As we stay inside our homes A new economy we weave. As we value our key workers And priorities shift Our lowered carbon footprint Helps the smog to lift. As we see the world more clearly And adjust to a new pace Now business as usual no longer has a place. As those willing to face the future Embrace a change for good Let’s create for people and planet The pandemic’s lessons understood. Let us rebuild our society Act together to survive Put community and planet first And our economy will thrive. Benita Matofska is an international speaker, change-maker and author of Generation

Covid-19: How the Real Sharing Economy Will Save Us

“A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly.” Desmond Tutu Over 750,000 volunteers have signed up to help the UK’s NHS; an army of helpers in South Korea are ensuring the most vulnerable get what they need to survive, whilst in Iran, closed mosques have been turned into temporary spaces to sew face masks. From the largest volunteer effort since the Second World War, to unprecedented emergency government aid and collaborative technology tools used across sectors to share vital knowledge, the real Sharing Economy is powering society in the age of Covid-19. Necessity is the mother of invention and right now ther

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