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Generation Share: How the Sharing Economy could save the Planet

Three years of research for my book Generation Share published today for Global Sharing Week evidences the untold story of how the Sharing Economy could save and protect the planet. The largest collection of 200 case studies illustrates for the first time, the global impact of this international phenomenon. New research released to accompany Generation Share evidences the social and environmental impact of the sharing economy dispelling myths and demonstrating that the Sharing Economy is far more wide-reaching than Airbnb and could contribute towards combating climate change. Generation Share has been published to coincide with and celebrate the 5th Global Sharing Week, the largest annual in

Become a Change-Maker Brand: Part 7

“I’m passionate about making the right choices for the planet, when I was in school, we had to imagine future scenarios for the fashion industry. I read about the Sharing Economy and thought, ‘why isn’t this happening in fashion?’ It makes so much more sense.” Juultje Dehing, Lena Fashion Library, Amsterdam. I have become fascinated by change-makers and over the last three years, I have interviewed more than 200 of them for my upcoming book, Generation Share. Published on June 17th by Policy Press for Global Sharing Week and co-created with photographer Sophie Sheinwald, Generation Share demonstrates the social impact of the Sharing Economy and how it is changing the way we think, live and d

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